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03 November


Cooler Painting Tips for the Upcoming Mountain Weekend!

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Our Atlanta bus rental team at Samson Trailways wants to explain the semi-annual cooler painting tradition at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Every semester, the students at this small liberal arts college put their schoolwork and exam-studying hours off for the chance to wow their classmates with their artistic talent.

Mountain Weekend occurs every autumn and is a great way for students to relax, enjoy one another’s company and see who is the best cooler painter. Upper class women obviously have a couple of years under their belts and know the ins and outs of the project, but it is normal for newcomers to come armed with plenty of questions. 

One of the more obvious questions tends to be “Why coolers?” Well for starters, Mountain Weekend is all about comfort and relaxation, which for many college students means drinking with their friends. Held in the beautiful backcountry of Fontana Dam, N.C., the women of Wake Forest and their invitees get to spend the weekend sleeping in log cabins and lounging by bonfires with their boyfriends and besties, so a hand-painted cooler is actually quite handy!

The coolers are meant to be gifts to the guys from the girls. The men are responsible for paying for the lodging and the women bring their artsy containers stuffed full of food and drinks. The painting process typically takes between three and six hours to complete, but Wake Forest girls can definitely keep their workload to a minimum with the below tips.

Save money by buying your cooler early (Wal-Mart and Target are usually the cheapest places to shop). You will also need to decide what shape of cooler you want to get. This will naturally affect the type of design as well, so choose wisely between rectangular or cylindrical. The latter tend to offer more in the way of creative painting choices. Acrylic paint works best for cooler materials. Paint pens cost a bit more but are ideal for adding the fine touches where attention to detail is required.

For larger, more uniform-colored portraits, a standard paintbrush will suffice. You can prep the surface with sandpaper, but this is not necessary. Finish by applying a spray fixative to keep the paint from rubbing off.

If you plan to travel with a large group for Mountain Weekend, ask Samson Trailways about out Atlanta charter bus rentals. Our Atlanta buses have plenty of room to store your coolers and gear for this fun traditional escape!


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