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13 April


3 Events Worth Chartering a Bus For

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As a leading Atlanta bus charter company, we have driven thousands of passengers safely to many different destinations during all kinds of weather. There’s something about going on a road trip that gets passengers in the mood to have fun and makes them open to new and exciting possibilities. Below are three of our favorite kinds of events that we have had the pleasure of driving people to and from in our many years on the roads of America.

Pre-game Bonding

Whether it’s college football or high-school sports, Americans love their games. What’s the best part about going to games on a charter bus? The fun starts even before the game begins! Passengers are singing the school song, practicing the cheers and going over last-minute plays. Going to a sports event via charter bus is a great experience for old-timers and newcomers alike.

Mix Business with Pleasure

We take business associates on road trips all the time, whether it’s for a company picnic, a team-building event or some other corporate-sponsored activity. Our buses are equipped with DVD systems that can play training materials as well as a PA system to enable team leaders to gather their team around for last-minute instructions. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

Family Affair

Summertime is great for family reunions. Family members living relatively close to each other can simply hire a charter bus to take them to the reunion location and start catching up along the way. If you need to take a flight out, we can make sure everyone gets to the airport with plenty of time to clear pre-flight security checkpoints.

No matter what the reason or where your destination may be, when you need to charter a bus in Atlanta, call us. With almost 30 years of experience on the roads of America, we can get you wherever you want to go safely and comfortably.


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