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How To Plan A Successful Bus Trip

Before you click on our Request a Quote link, review the information below, it will help make for a successful bus trip.

  1. Decide where you wish to travel, and when you plan to depart and return. Also, get a basic idea of what you would like to do and if you will need assistance with securing overnight accommodations, your group’s itinerary and any other special arrangements. The more information you can provide us with – the better we will be able to help you plan a successful trip.
  2. Complete the Samson Tours Charter Request Form on this page. You can also call Samson Tours office directly at 404-768-8687, and receive a charter quote over the telephone.
  3. Make sure you know where the charter will originate (departure point), where you are going (destination point), any waypoints in between you wish to stop, number of passengers that will be traveling, and any activities that you plan to do along the way and/or at your destination point.
  4. Once you determine exactly where you want to go and how many people will be traveling, you’ll next need to determine the exact dates and times you want to leave and return.  Booking a bus is no different than booking a ticket on an airplane.
  5. When the decision is made to use Samson Tours, make sure to have the proposed services presented to you in writing. This is called a charter order or contract. It should contain specifics like the departure date, type and size of vehicle, the itineraries and the total charges. When you receive the contract, make sure to review it carefully and provide us with any needed additional information. Then sign the contract and return it promptly with a deposit.
  6. While on your trip remember that the driver has Federal rules and regulations that they must follow regarding hours of service and miles driven. Keep Samson informed of any changes before departure of the trip, and be sure to clear all changes while on your trip with the driver to insure that they can legally follow your change requests. The motor coach driver must plan their breaks so they are well rested and alert throughout the trip.
  7. The group leader’s responsibility is to see that your group remains quiet and orderly and that they do not damage the vehicle or any equipment installed in the vehicle. Passengers are not allowed to sit on the arm rests, stand in seats or lean backward over a seat as they may injure themselves. The motor coach should be kept clean and neat. This is the groups’ responsibility, not the driver’s.
  8. The group leader should check the motor coach for cleanliness, damage when returning home. Any forgotten items will be left with Lost and Found at Samson’s office.
  9. The group leader should follow up with Samson Tours and let them know how their trip went. If you had any problems during your trip, discuss them with the Samson Tours charter representative immediately upon you return. This is the only way the company can correct a negative situation.

In addition, be sure and let them know that you enjoyed your group’s trip as well. Please inform Samson Tours about your driver’s performance too. Some Trailways service companies have bonus programs for drivers providing extraordinary customer service.

*Special Note: For longer trips over 600 miles, you will need to decide whether to stop overnight along the way to your destination, or drive straight through. If you drive straight through, remember that one driver is only allowed to operate a vehicle for no more than 10 hours. Once the driver reaches that point, they must have eight (8) consecutive hours off. Extremely long trips require several relay drivers. Also, our drivers will need to know if you are planning any side trips and, if you will need transportation in and around the destination site, once you arrive.[/su_spoiler]

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