Samson Trailways Luxury Bus


Samson Trailways has a diverse fleet of top-quality motorcoaches, mini buses and school buses. No matter your budget or preferred amenities, we can service your needs with our extensive fleet of vehicles. Below are pictures and descriptions of our offerings. Read the accompanying description and chart for more information to best fit your group needs and budget. If you require additional information, or would like to get started with booking your charter, use our convenient charter bus quote request form now for quick service.

Atlanta Bus Rentals

Atlanta Charter Bus

Seating: 40 to 55
Restroom: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes
TV/DVD: Always
Capable of Long Trips: Yes

Also known as the “charter bus” or referred to as a tour bus, the deluxe motor coach is the most common bus type. Outside of the train, buses are the safest mode of transportation, and the most environmentally appealing requiring far less BTU’s per passenger mile than planes, trains or automobiles.


Atlanta Minibus Tours


Range of Seating: 27-31
Restroom: Rare
Air Conditioning: Yes
TV/DVD: Always
Capable of Long Trips: Yes

Though most minibuses are used for shuttling, airport transfers and other local travel, some are used for trips over the road. They can be a more cost effective alternative than the larger deluxe motor coach for smaller groups of 10 to 31.


New 35 Passenger Minibus


Range of Seating: 35
Restroom: Rare
Air Conditioning: Yes
TV/DVD: Always
Capable of Long Trips: Yes

Our new mini bus holds up to 35 passengers and includes amenities such as in motion satellite, leather seats with three point seat belts, power plugs at each seat (USB & 110v plug), upgraded air-conditioning, upgraded suspension, wide body & extra tall interior ceiling, Wi-Fi, rear luggage space, and more.


Atlanta School Buses

Most Common Seating: 50
Range of Seating: 44-72
Restroom: Never
Air Conditioning: Can add for a fee of $50 per bus per day
TV/DVD: Rare
Capable of Long Trips: Yes

School buses are ideal for short, local movements on a low budget. We charter school buses for educational trips, shuttles, one way transfers, weddings, parties, and more. We also offer school bus route service. Call now to reserve one trip or your entire schedule.

IMG_6669-2 copy

* Each school bus seats 44 adults or 66 children third grade level and below. Upon special request we have a few larger school buses that seat 48 adults or 72 children third grade level and below.

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